Version 1.0
(Released 3/5/10)
- calculates 3 game average
- option to add to historical/running average
- long press historical row to delete
- to reset historical average, select Clear History under Menu
Version 1.1
(Released 4/4/10)
if upgrading from v1.0, previous data will be lost
- configure multiple bowlers
- configure multiple leagues
- keep track of high game and high series
- click average row to see 3 games bowled
- click date to change it to enter previous days data
Bowling Buddy
An Android application that can be used to keep track of a bowlers average. Ideal for league bowlers, tournament bowlers, and open bowlers alike. The initial release simply calculates your 3 game average with an option to add it to your historical average. The historical average can be useful to league bowlers who would like to keep their running average so they can track their progress. It can also be fun for the occasional bowler who would like to keep track of their average for bragging rights against friends and family.
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